How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Car in Uganda

4x4 car rental uganda

Whether you are solo, family or group travellers planning to have a quality and affordable car hire services on your next tour in the Pearl of Africa, the choice is yours to pick from the available fleet.

The price is also based on the type or category of car you wish to hire for the road trip. Some of the most expensive rental cars in Uganda include the 4×4 station wagons, minivans, mini-bus plus luxury cars while saloon cars and small SUVs are the most affordable ones. But this shouldn’t affect the comfort of people you are traveling with, always rent a car that can fully accommodate the passengers & cargo.

Go for a Toyota Rav4 4×4 safari car with the ability to carry about 2-4 passengers seating comfortably with all their luggage fitting in the cargo space of this car.  The vehicle features an Air conditioning system and trust it has the ability to tough road conditions including the national park and remote area terrains. The Toyota Rav4 is a perfect car for budget road trips and it can be hired at a low rate of $45 per day and you won’t regret every dollar spent on your safari.

The land cruiser is also wonderful built with a roof-top tent which easy and quick to set up compared to one you might travel with. Renting this car gives you chance to save some dollars on accommodation since you can utilize the tent for night stay. The Land cruise with a roof top tent can be hired at a low rate of USD 90 per day.

Get a variety of corporate cars like Land cruiser TX, TZ for hire, these have impressive attributes like an air conditioning system, can carry about 5 people, operates both petrol and diesel , automatic or manual transmission. The corporate cars can be rented at low prices of 250 USD per day.

The manufacturing year of a rental car is a strong factor in determining the rental price of a car. The older the rental car, the lower the price and the newer the higher the price. The new ones are of a higher price because of the mileage & durability.

The engine determines which type of fuel to use and so you always have to be careful and choose a car that has an engine that uses fuel efficiently. Diesel engines have proven over the years to be better fuel economizers as compared to the Petrol fueled engines. However, your preference should always be put into consideration.

A popular brand will always stand out anywhere and that’s why its value is high on the market. German, UK & US car brands are always priced higher than Japan and China made cars mainly based on style, mileage, durability and use. Most of the car rental companies in Uganda offer Toyota brands for safaris, research projects, business trips and up-country travels while brands like Mercedes Benz, Range rover are used for special events like weddings and VIP transportation.

The travel peak season months in Uganda are between June to September & December to February. These two seasons greatly affect the car rental prices in Uganda as the demand for cars is at its highest. Prices will be hiked and that’s why it’s always advisable to book a week or month before the peak season arrives and save some money.

How you pay for your rental car is another factor that will influence the car rental price, paying online, through bank transfer or in-person each has advantages & disadvantages. Only a few companies offer an online payment module that is more convenient and fast. They normally offer out invoices with a bank account where to deposit the funds which is normally more costly and delaying. These expenses add to your final rental expenditure as well.

The self-drive option might not be the safest way to explore Uganda but the cheapest and most flexible one. Driver charges are added to the rental price if you decide to go for a guided road trip over self-drive and so you have can decide to cut out the driver and instead use a GPS as a guide hence reducing the cost.

After making a choice on the rental Agency or Tour and Travel Company with the most flexible terms and conditions and positive reviews, send an inquiry requesting for price quotes.

After sending an inquiry to the Travel reservations office/desk and receiving a price quote for the vehicle you are interested in, go ahead and negotiate on the price. Usually, we offer discounted prices for many days of renting our cars and once the final price has been agreed on, an invoice is sent to you clearly indicating the important details as well as payment options to make your deposit.

The invoice sent to you (mostly via email) clearly indicates the payment options including Bank Account or Pesapal where you have to make a 50% deposit and if possible inspect the car, whereby car keys will be handed to you (for self-drive tours) or meet with your experienced driver for cars hired with drivers. The remaining balance will be completed on the day of arrival.

With deposit already made, a stamped and duly signed receipt will be sent to you to confirm your reservation. The car is then reserved for you to be used on the booked date.


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