Rwanda Gorilla Trek and Tanzania Safari


The experience is all about getting up close with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Gorilla trekking entails all day search and interaction for mountain gorillas. The encounter is reviewed as magical and the most wonderful wildlife experience in the world.

At the start of each gorilla trekking day, travelers are introduced to gorilla trekking rules and regulations to ensure safety of the endangered gorillas and travelers in the jungle.

While planning to go gorilla trek in Rwanda, do not forget that this is the new luxury destination in East Africa. A single gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 paid by all travelers regardless of one’s nationality.

You can also go for a discounted gorilla safari which is offered from May to November of every year and that is when you are visiting 2 or 3 Rwanda National Parks. More so, for those coming to Rwanda on conferences there is 25% discounted gorilla permits.

This means that one can book gorilla permits in Rwanda and benefit from a 30% discount. The only condition is that you must at least visit one of the two national parks of Akagera National Park or Nyungwe Forest National Park.

For the 30% discount you should be able to pay for any activity in the mentioned national park and also spend at least two nights in Rwanda. This therefore me that instead of paying $1500 for a gorilla permit, you will pay $1050 and save $450 per permit booked during any month from November to May any year.

Early in the morning, park rangers and trackers hike into the jungle before clients to trace the where about of gorilla families. They then give directions to travelers on where gorillas are located. In case you fail to see gorillas after a full day of trekking, you are given a second chance to trek gorillas in the next day.

More so for luxury travelers visiting East Africa and interested to do gorillas in Rwanda and then visit Serengeti National Park (wildebeest Migration hub) that has just won the excellence ward of 2020 you can book with us and you will take Luxury Tanzania Rwanda Safari. Here we shall offer you unique services staying at the Singita chain lodges in Tanzania and then at the new launched Singita Kwitonda & Kataza House in the Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri – Rwanda.

Tanzania is a big country, and the main safari destinations can be split into the north (The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater) or the south (The Selous and Ruaha).

Most tourists flock to the north as it is comprised of the famed highlights of Tanzania – and rightly so as the wildlife is phenomenal. However, the fame of the north can often overshadow the south, which in our view is one of East Africa’s best kept secrets.

Go for Serengeti the world-class and home to the great wildebeest migration as well as the biggest concentration of predators on the planet.

The great wildebeest migration is a spectacular event where 2 million grazers circle the Serengeti all year round in search for fresh pastures. Some months are better than others to see the herds. The best times are when they are the most concentrated in certain areas:

From July – October the herds are crossing the Mara River in the northern Serengeti. This is where you get those dramatic Attenborough – esque scenes of wildebeest hurtling themselves into crocodile infested waters.

February is when calving season is in full swing and this is the best time to see the herds in their full glory as they gather in their thousands on the endless plains of the south.

February is the only time of year you are guaranteed to see the herds if you stay where they are predicted to be, and they never fail to gather in the Ndutu plains at this time of year.


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