Unique Safari & Game Parks to Visit in Tanzania in 2022


Have you thought of any African safari in Tanzania? Are you looking for the most unique safari, game parks and any other places to visit? Here we have got all your questions sorted out. When you think of a safari in Tanzania, first think about the northern and southern part of this country. Each part of the country you will find the loved parks and other interesting places to visit either on guided overland tours, flying safaris or road trip safari holidays.

Tanzania is a Republic of Africa, and Arusha is the tourism hub of the country and when you planning your safari itineraries here are the safari parks to go: Arusha city and the park, Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Then if you want to experience the beach holidays after the wildlife bush experience, think about none other than the Zanzibar islands.

Tanzania has so many times in Africa taken a lead in promoting tourism to several travelers visiting the country. Before the most travelers coming to these parks used to take overland safaris from Arusha, Dodoma, Dar es salaam or any other city. But today with the development of the various domestic airlines it is much easier to take also the amazing and unforgettable flying safaris holidays.

Therefore, if you opt to take flying holidays when you reach the parks automatically you will find a camp safari jeep at the airstrip within the area to receive you and take you to the camp and then in the next course of days you will take your shared or private game drives, walking safaris among others and then on your return day transferred to the airstrip for your flight back to Kilimanjaro Airport and you connect back home or to your next destination.

For the overland African safaris in Tanzania, we start our journey from the Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport upon your arrival and then have the first overnight at any hotel in Arusha depending on your discussion with your safari operator. Later, the next very excited about the journey embark the safari jeep with your well knowledgeable safari guide hit the journey with the first visit to the Arusha National Park and here you will have the extraordinary view of the African wildlife, birds and the landscapes and Kilimanjaro mount is so awesome to view from this park.

Since we are using the well fitted, customized and suitable African safari vehicles after our excursion trip in this park we shall straight way drive to Tarangire National Park and then here we shall have to relax and take an overnight at the Lemala camps collection.

Today have a dawn game drive looking for the most interesting African wildlife right away from the big5 and then if this game drive is done, we will drive to Lake Manyara National Park and this is mostly known as the home to the unique African tree climbing lions. These animals and the experience its self can also be done in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park buffer zone “the Ishasha Southern Sector”.

Lake Manyara National Park is suitable for the game drive looking for the wildlife, birds and also good for the sightseeing experience as it offers beautiful and the undulating landscapes. Therefore, for the Landscape photographers this is your place to be on your Tanzania safari tours.

From the endless number of lodges and camps in this park you can propose any accommodation of your choice and from any you will choose expect the scenic view of the undulating landscapes of the park.

After the Lake Manyara our next drive destination is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is exceptional place to visit while on your tour in Tanzania. But before accessing this place you have to know the rules and regulations that govern this conservancy and the most loved spot is the Crater where you will see animal at zero distance away from your vehicle. Since from Lake Manyara to the conservancy it is quite and relatively short distance of drive, and upon your arrival check in at the Lemala camps collection and then go for the game drive and now you will start to spot the big herds of the wildebeest.

Therefore, if you visit in the time before they cross to Kenya, Mara conservancy you will have the unforgettable scenic view and while seated comfortably at your well raised and modified window or standing in the open top roof have the winding view of the animals busy grazing and you see good color combination of the wildebeest and the white strips of the Zebras.

Today we shall after our breakfast drive to the crater and here expect as much as you wish to see. Animals are just plenty and easily spotted and here we shall have more time to specifically witness the beauty of this gorge and spot the wildlife. If you have your camera, make it ready to shoot something amazing as from this crater you can any time spot the rare African wildlife species.

Later, return to the camp and thanks to the safari planner as we believe by the time you leave Tanzania you have it whole covered and you will have unforgettable memories. Then from the crater we proceed to the Serengeti plains and this also being a big park we shall have more time to explore the Savannah and the reserves like the Grumeti among others.

If you come during the time of the great wildebeest migration you will witness most of travelers opt to go to Tanzania and on this expedition just book an accommodation that is strategically located near the banks of the Mara River and just at the balcony of your camp you will have an extraordinary watch experience of the event. From the Serengeti plains you can take so many game drives that is in the morning and evening and you will get exhausted with the various species of African wildlife.

Well, with our African travel experts we have come up with so amazing safari itineraries that are based on luxury safari lodges and camps in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania and we are looking at offering the best premium 05 start facilities to luxury travelers in Tanzania and we so much looking at working with the Four Seasons Hotels, Singita Lodges, Grain Melia and the &Beyond Lodges and camps. Therefore, if you are interested to know more of our packages just send in your request to our team and your program will be customized depending on the lodge collection you will to stay.

With the Singita Lodges we can tailor you a package and you stay in one, two or three of their lodge and camps in the park and then in partnership with the Auric Airlines we can customize you a trip that adds on other East African destinations. For instance, on our Luxury Tanzania Rwanda Safari – 10 Day tour you can, after experiencing the beautiful Serengeti plains fly to Rwanda for the amazing gorilla trekking safari in the Volcanoes National Park and here you will stay at Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House a newly opened Singita collection to offer the best and exclusive luxury Rwanda gorilla safaris in the Volcanoes National Park.

Still, if you are traveling on a luxury option and you would wish to experience the discounted gorilla permit of Rwanda, better travel from November to May and then try to combine 2 or 3 parks of Rwanda. Among other parks of Rwanda include the Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park and from each park you can do the chimpanzee trekking and wildlife safari, staying at One & Only Resort, Nyungwe House or the Magashi Camp respectively.

Rwanda rebranding as new luxury destination other facilities that are opted by the luxury travelers are available. Most of luxury travelers tend to connect their tourist places with either overland drives or flying options and with Rwanda, those interested to fly from one destination to another we offer such services with the partnership with the Akagera Aviation and always scheduled or private routes are offered during your visit Rwanda.

Therefore, this trip can end here or either way add an extension visit to the nearby countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, where you can find the oldest national park (Virunga and then a home to the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Uganda is another nearby gorilla tourism destination and it having the highest population in the Bwindi Forest National Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


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